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5 Best Affordable Gun Safes for Your Wallet

| Fingerprint Gun Safes

Affordable gun safes are those priced $500 or under according to our own definition here at Gun Safe Champ. All firearm safes are not created equal. In most cases you have to be willing to shell out thousands of dollars to get the best ones available. The truth is, majority of the models within this price […]

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Best Gun Safe in Basement – 7 Factors to Consider

| Buying Guides

The gun safe in basement storage option is relied upon by many gun owners for storing their firearms and ammo. If you have limited space in your main house or simply want to hide your firearm stash further, your basement will always be an alternative.Advantages of Gun Safe in Basement StorageThere are several advantages available […]

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Best Medium Sized Gun Safe- Our 5 Awesome Picks

| Long Gun Safes

What is the best medium sized gun safe and at what point do you invest in one of those? This is a common dilemma many gun owners face when looking for secured storage for their guns. Buying a mid-sized firearm safe could definitely make a lot of sense if you own a considerable number of guns. […]

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