Best Wall Safes for Guns – 5 Top Picks By Experts

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sample wall safes for gun picture showing pistols, ammo and other valuables

Wall safes for guns are types of security safes specifically designed for storing handguns, revolvers, and additional ammo. To keep valuables safely out of the reach from kids and intruders, these safes are anchored in a wall.

Walled security safes come in different sizes, designs, locking mechanisms, and other attributes which can often bore you to death.

There are thousands of options available whether you are shopping in-store or online.

Regardless of your personal preferences, a little bit of market information can always come in handy.In fact, getting detailed facts can actually prevent you from making costly mistakes like so many others have.

After years of using and researching the best gun safes, we have gained the necessary insights to help you with your search.

If you're looking to make the right choice right off the bat, we have got you covered.So please buckle up and enjoy the ride!





Stack-On IWC-22 In-Wall Cabinet
Stack-On IWC-22 In-Wall Cabinet showing its distinct white color
Stack-On Wall Safe with Electronic Lock
Stack-on wall safe with electronic lock pictured here. one of the best wall safes for guns


Paragon 7725 Flat Superior Electronic Hidden Wall Safe
picture depicting the Paragon 7725


Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe
the Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock Safe pictured here is another of the best wall safes for guns


Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet

pic showing rifles packed in the Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet

Best Wall Safes For Guns: Top 5 Models For Sale At The Moment

From everything you have been exposed to so far, it is only right to start feeling like a pro on the subject of in-wall gun safes.

Now, you are ready to find that special model which could be perfect for your home or office.

Let us take a good look at the top 5 models available for sale today.

Stack-On IWC-22 In-Wall Cabinet

Stack-On IWC-22 In-Wall Cabinet showing its distinct white color
The Stack-On IWC-22 In-Wall Cabinet can be a great asset to your home. It gives you the ability to store your guns in plain view and away from inquisitive eyes of your kids and burglars.

This mid-sized in-wall gun safe is perfect for storing pistols, ammo, and lots of other personal items. It comes with a sturdy premium-grade steel build that is specifically designed to withstand various levels of intrusion.

It also features a 3-point locking mechanism that gives security to the top and bottom areas of the cabinet as well as the side where the door opens from.

If you consider yourself an organized person, the 2 removable steel shelves will be the icing on the cake.

To protect your valuables from dents, this steel wall safe has been padded at the bottom and on the sides.

With these top notch features, why would anyone pass up on the Stack-On IWC-22?


  • Quality steel exterior with 3-point locking mechanism to keep your contents locked
  • Mid-sized safe with enough space to carry multiple pistols and ammo
  • 2 removable steel shelves to keep your possessions firmly organized
  • Attractive finish that easily blends in with your wall


  • You have to spend extra on grade 8 bolts for mounting in your wall if you want the best security for your firearms
  • Shelves may be a little flimsy

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Stack-On Wall Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-on wall safe with electronic lock pictured here. one of the best wall safes for guns
The Stack-On Wall Safe gives you the best of both worlds: an excellently crafted walled safe and a strong electronic lock that secures your firearms away from the prying eyes of unauthorized people.

This safe gives you stunning security at an incredible value thanks to the strong steel exterior and 3-point locking mechanism. It also features a key-coded cylinder lock that is quite sturdy to resist various forms of break-ins.

It is not uncommon for you to come back home to a completely robbed house with this model intact. That is why it remains one of the most in-demand firearm wall safes today.

Are you looking for a hidden wall gun safe that gives you the flexibility to store tactical weapons? This may be just it!

It ships with adjustable barrel rests which have been engineered with the necessary depth for convenient tactical weapons storage.

You essentially get much more than you pay for with this security safe!


  • Solid steel exterior with key-coded 3-point locking mechanism for protecting your weapons and personal effects
  • Strong electronic lock rigid enough to prevent break-ins
  • Adjustable barrel rests designed to accommodate your tactical weapon storage needs
  • Enough space to carry a couple of revolvers, pistols, and cash


  • The batteries are installed inside the door meaning the override keys are the only way to get inside your safe to change the batteries when they die
  • Foam padding could be much better

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Paragon 7725 Flat Superior Electronic Hidden Wall Safe

picture depicting the Paragon 7725
The Paragon 7725 comes with the distinction of being an easy-to-anchor walled safe for storing guns and ammo.

After decades of being a market leader in the security safe industry, Paragon has finally done its homework. The manufacturer has anticipated every need you could come across during the mounting process and responded accordingly.

This wall firearm safe is easier to conceal and reinforces your ability to keep your guns hidden in plain view. This is thanks to the flatter electronic locking mechanism purposely integrated into it.

The safe is built from rugged steel with a great electronic lock that stands the test of time. With large concealed hinges at various points, several forms of mechanical attacks are easily thwarted.

It is easy to program and built to standout among peers within the same price range from competitors.

Anchor bolts are included in the shipment so it doesn’t take you more than a few minutes to install.


  • Super strong steel build with tamper proof hinges to withstand break-in attempts from mechanical tools
  • Grey carpeting on the interior of the safe to protect your belongings from scratching
  • Very easy to mount in your wall
  • Enough capacity to store multiple pistols and other valuable items you may have


  • Not fireproof or waterproof
  • You have to find another model if you are not a big fan of electronic locks

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Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe

the Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock Safe pictured here is another of the best wall safes for guns
The Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock Safe can be a great option for you whether you have a mini stash of handguns or just need enough space for storing important jewelry.

With an attractive grey exterior enhanced with powder coat finish, this safe can be efficiently hidden anywhere in your home. It gives access to your handguns as quickly as possible.

The Flat Panel design makes it easy to conceal your handguns at home or in the office. The 1/8-inch solid steel construction protects your valuables from being stolen by thieves armed with hand and mechanical tools.

To provide extra security for your handguns and ammo, this safe also incorporates large sized tamper-proof hinges.

The manufacturer ships this model with all the anchor holes you need to install within 10 minutes. It shouldn’t pose much of a problem even if you have never undergone any mechanical job in your life.


  • Heavy duty 1/8-inch thick steel construction bigger and more rugged than the competition
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty shows how confident Paragon is about this safe
  • Easy-to-program electronic lock with buzzer and LED for effortless access to your gun even in the dark
  • Easy to install


  • No way to electronically open the safe for the first time unless you use the override keys

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Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet

image showing rifles packed in the Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet
Most models we have revealed so far in the wall safes niche are only large enough for pistols. However, there are a few great options for shotguns and other large firearms too.

The GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet is a perfect example. It gives you enough capacity to safely keep 8 rifles and shotguns of up to 54 inches within an arm’s reach for quick access whenever you need.

Additionally, the top shelf gives more space to store handguns and other valuable items you may have. If you own scoped guns, the manufacturer’s patented non-marring barrel rests will keep them safely in place in your gun cabinet.

To keep your guns and personal items secured, the Stack-On GCB-908 features a 3-point locking mechanism with key-coded lock.

This is arguably one of the best wall safes for large guns available for sale at the moment.


  • Steel box construction with 3-point locking mechanism to secure your personal items
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting on your wall
  • Solid steel door with strong steel locking plate at the center of the door panel to prevent anyone from breaking into your gun safe
  • Enough capacity to store 8 rifles and long guns


  • So many cases of the safe getting dented during shipping

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Advantages of Getting Quality Walled Gun Safes

How do these types stack up compared to the others?Can wall safes actually make any real difference in your life as a firearm owner?

Well, let us just go ahead and find out right now.

Hide Guns in Plain View

The concept behind anchoring a safe in your wall is to give you a significant advantage over your adversaries. These niche of security safes give you lots of options to conceal guns in plain view.

Rifle and pistol safes are built to store your guns in order to give you a line of defense if your home ever gets under attack. But what if it is located too far away for you to get to during an emergency?

This is where handgun safes hidden in walls come into play.

They give quick access to your concealed firearms in record time so you can surprise the enemy. There are lots of great models available at very affordable prices.

If you desire to really turn your home into a fortress then you should probably get a few of these and scatter them around different areas of your home.

Conserve Space

Do you live in a studio apartment or loft with little space? Well, I’m sure you’d appreciate the fact that getting a gigantic firearm safe may not be an option unless you are ready to make some significant modifications to your home.

Should your handguns and ammo be condemned to lying around unsecured just because of space constraints?

This is another perfect scenario where in-wall gun safes could come in handy. They allow you to securely store your guns and other expensive or sentimental personal items away from burglars and kids.

Even if you have little or no space, it shouldn’t pose much of a problem because the safes are anchored in a wall anyway.

Also, the right pistol hanger could be taken advantage of to increase the storage capacity of your safe.

Keep Your Guns Secured

With the numerous benefits derived from walled gun safes, it can sometimes be quickly forgotten that they are just like other security safes. These safes simply deliver on a basic promise of giving secured storage for your firearms.

Mounting your handgun safe on a wall also makes them more resistant to prying and bolting attacks. Your valuables benefit greatly from the additional line of security.

Really, what do you have to lose by getting one of these safes for your handguns and revolvers?

Choosing a Wall Gun Safe : Factors to Consider

So you have finally decided to invest in one of the numerous wall safes available for sale today. This could be one of the most important security decisions you will make in life!

Now, you can either take a gamble by purchasing without proper research and wish that you end up with the right model. Or follow this expert buying guide which can guarantee your success.

Here are the factors to consider during shopping for a hidden wall firearm safe:

Size of The Safe

The first question to ask yourself is the number of guns you intend to store in your wall security safe. For rifle and other long gun owners, wall safes may not be right for you if you have limited space.

If you own 1-2 revolvers or pistols and have no intention of adding to your collection anytime soon, a small extremely secured wall gun safe could just be right for you.

Alternatively, you have to look out for a larger firearm wall safe if you own a few handguns and desire to keep all of them in one place.

Ease of Mounting

These safes designed primarily to be mounted in walls. Therefore, ordering a model that is difficult to anchor is like shooting yourself in the foot.

We recommend that you choose an option that comes with pre-drilled holes and the necessary hardware. This will allow you to mount it as soon as the shipment arrives.

Which Part of Your Home Are You Mounting it?

The part of your home where you intend to mount the wall safe is another important factor that cannot be ignored. If you planning to mount inside your main house then you are good to go as long as you find the right size and desired security.

However, care has to be taken if you plan to place it in a non-climate controlled area of your house such as garage. Purchasing the right accessories to protect your rifles from moisture and other harsh weather elements can be extremely helpful.

Locking Mechanism

There’s no point splashing the cash on a security safe if the locking mechanism is weak and vulnerable.

Whether you choose a mechanical, electronic, or biometric lock, it is important to settle on a model that will keep your contents just how you want them- locked!


Your budget again plays an important role in your search for the best wall safes for guns.

It is true that many of us typically start shopping with a fixed budget in mind. However,being ready to smash your budget a little after finding a better model with enhanced security features could be a smart move.

The Bottom Line

The best wall safes for guns available on the market at the moment are those which have been reviewed above. Fortunately, they come in all types of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of every gun owner.

The Stack-On IWC-22 In-Wall Cabinet is our first choice wall gun safe if you are on the fence. It is available at a great price while offering premium level security.

If you want to conceal a few long guns, the GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet should be an awesome option.

Remember, we have taken into account all the necessary factors as well as reviews from other customers on Amazon and other online retailers. This ensures that our picks are the truly the best ones out there.

You simply can’t go wrong if you choose any of these options above so no need to over-think it.

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