Best Fingerprint Gun Safe- Our Top 5 Picks

Fingerprint Gun Safes

The best fingerprint gun safe should firstly be designed with a quality steel exterior and steel doors. The biometric scanner should enable you to program a specific set of fingerprints into the built-in memory in record time.

It should also grant you quick access whenever you need to grab your firearms.

While the earliest gun safes featured combination and keyed locks, many people are opting for biometric gun safes and other types of electronic locks as the technology becomes more refined and popular.

Figuring out how to program your fingerprints shouldn’t be a problem with the right security safe.It doesn’t matter whether you are tech savvy person or even an 80 year-old person who has never come into contact with a tech product in your lifetime.

Thankfully, many of the most popular biometric security safe models available today come with specific manuals which show you exactly how to go about it.

Quick Comparison : Best Fingerprint Gun Safes

These are the best fingerprint gun safes available for sale today so just go through the comparison table below, snoop on their features, take your pick and shop with confidence.





Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 Gun Safe
GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe is the best fingerprint gun safe
Verifi Smart Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe With FBI Fingerprint Sensor
the best biometric handgun safe? the Verifi Smart Safe is pictured here.


Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe
the Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe shown here is a perfect fingerprint pistol safe


BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe
here's an image of the BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe


The GunBox 2.0 - The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe in the World
the gunbox 2.0 is the latest biometric safe on the market today

The Best Fingerprint Gun Safe: Our Top 5 Picks

If you are looking for the best fingerprint gun safe models on the market today, this is your lucky day. These are the top rated on the market today so go ahead and find out what they have to offer.

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 Gun Safe

Image of the gunvault SVB 500 which is our number one rated best fingerprint gun safe

The GunVault SpeedVault SVB500 is the 3rd bestseller in the whole of Amazon for gun safes. So why do so many consumers turn this model when they need to get a security safe for their handguns?

The SVB500 SpeedVault comes with a unique design that has made it a hit among consumers. The exterior is made from very strong 18-gauge steel which is one of the sturdiest materials on the market.

It is precisely designed to prevent prying from hand tools and the interior is lined up with foam to keep its contents in their original condition even after many years.

With the ability to program up to 120 different fingerprints, this biometric safe has one of the largest built-in memories.

This makes it a suitable option for giving security to guns and other valuables which need to be made available to a significant number of people.

The SpeedVault’s unique design also gives you the flexibility to mount it in any direction you want. It ships with all the necessary hardware so you can mount and begin using it within minutes after it arrives in the mail.

it is little wonder that this model came out on top as the best fingerprint gun safe.


  • Ultra strong 18-gauge construction with suitable interior foam padding
  • Quality biometric scanner that allows up to 120 different fingerprints to be stored
  • Mount it anywhere, everywhere
  • Backup override key available to access the safe in times of an emergency


  • Loud noise when the electronic latch locks or unlocks
  • Additional hardware may be required when mounting under a drawer or other wooden surfaces.

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Verifi Smart Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe With FBI Fingerprint Sensor

Picture of the Verifi Smart Security Safe which is our second best fingerprint gun safe

The Verifi Smart Safe is our number two pick if you are looking for the best fingerprint gun safe available for sale today.

This safe has taken biometrics to the next level and anyone who tries to break into it will need a miracle of some sort to be successful.

This is one of the few security safes which allow you access to your weapon in times of emergency, every SINGLE time. Unlike its peers which may be built with cheap sensors, it features an upscale biometric sensor with 3D image scanning that has been certified by the FBI.

In simple English, this means the safe will never fail to recognize your fingerprints whether your hands are sweaty, wet, cold or even positioned wrongly on the scanner.

Are you sure the unemployed thief who may successfully break into your home or office is smarter than the FBI? We didn’t think so!

The Verifi Smart Safe is constructed with premium grade all-steel material that protects your valuables pure and simple. The built-in Tamper Alerts system alerts you whenever an intruder tries to break into your safe in your absence.

It features Unique Boost and Pico Power technology which ensures that once you insert the necessary number of AA batteries into the safe, you can be rest assured that they won’t run out for the next couple of years.


  • Next-level fingerprint sensor that scans 3D images of your fingers to ensure split-second access into your safe every single time.
  • Advanced user management system that allows you to program up to 40 fingerprints and add or delete any users as and when you want.
  • Access log that gives you a complete overview of the times and dates as well as individuals who have opened your safe
  • Auto Lock feature that automatically kicks in when you forget to lock your safe
  • NiteLite technology which illuminates your safe in the dark


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Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe

 a solid image that shows the Viking Security Safe which is a highly popular biometric pistol safe

The Viking Security Safe VS-25BL biometric security safe caught our attention not just because of its sheer beauty or detailed anti-break in features but also due to the quality of its fingerprint sensor.

Featuring a sophisticated 500 DPI biometric fingerprint optical sensor, this is another great safe built to the recommended specifications of the FBI and Homeland Security.

With the safe opening LESS THAN A SECOND after your finger lands on the sensor, this is probably the quickest fingerprint gun safe available on the market at the moment.

If you have ever been in an emergency situation, you’d appreciate how important being a second ahead of your adversary can be.

Viking’s flagship biometric handgun safe is made of steel and has solid doors which are 5 mm large. It features two anti-pry insertion slots and motorized dead bolt locking so your security safe can resist break-in attempts from intruders.

This model is a true beauty with a black powder coated exterior and fully carpeted interiors which provide an additional layer of security for the physical condition of your pistols, jewelry and legal documents.

Most current owners of this safe swear that it is the best fingerprint gun safe money can buy.


  • Solid steel construction with anti-pry insertion slots and motorized dead bolt locking to keep your guns out of bounds to even sophisticated thieves.
  • High-end biometric sensor built to FBI specifications
  • Integrated LED lighting to illuminate your safe in the dark
  • Fully carpeted to protect your jewelry and guns from dents and scratches
  • Loud beeps if you forget to close the door


  • No waterproofing or fireproofing
  • Definitely not enough space for large guns.

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BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe

Image of the Barska Mini Biometric Gun Safe- a great option if you are looking for the best gun safe with fingerprint access for your home or office

The BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe is the number one bestseller gun safe on the largest online retailer in the world. What is the secret behind this model’ success?
Is it the quality of its construction?
Or the reliability of its biometric sensor?
Or the current price at less than $150?
In our experience, the answer is all of the above!

This mini biometric safe from BARSKA features hard steel body material that is built to stand the test of time and repel attacks from burglars.

It weighs approximately 15.8 pounds and great for securing your handguns and sensitive materials.

The safe’s fingerprint scanner allows you to store the prints of 30 different people and register those prints in just seconds.

Even if you have never owned anything biometric in your life, you will have absolutely no problems registering your fingerprints on this cabinet.

If this isn't the best fingerprint gun safe, it is up there with the very best.


  • Affordable biometric safe that is easy to use and strong enough to keep your contents safe
  • Ships with mounting hardware, backup key and floor mat
  • Enough storage for a handgun, documents and multiple ammo
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Space may be an issue if you own multiple handguns and ammo
  • Would be great if it was fireproof.

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The GunBox 2.0 - The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe in the World

if you love technology this picture of the GunBox 2.0 shows why it is considered the top rated fingerprint handgun safe

The GunBox 2.0 is the ultimate choice for you if you need a high tech gun safe that gives you the confidence to store your duty-sized handgun in plain sight.

Whether you want to place it on a desk, counter top, night stand, or in your car, this is a true compact safe which gives you rapid access to your weapon in times of need.

This smart safe is constructed from 4mm die cast aluminum and weighs approximately 4.5 pounds. It is essentially the ultimate biometric safe you need on the go and most owners carry it around all the time.

This tech savvy fingerprint pistol safe can be opened in a number of ways, giving you more options in times of need.

Apart from unlocking with your pre-programmed prints, the firearm safe also opens when you wave the key card, FOB or ring that it ships with.

Found yourself in a position where you don’t or can’t use any of the access options above? No problem.

You can also open your gun safe by simply tapping the app on your Smartphone.

Plus the app makes it easy to register your fingerprints, select your preferred biometric sensitivity and configure lots of other options so you never have to sweat to open your GunBox 2.0.

If you consider yourself cool and need something portable, this is the best fingerprint gun safe for you.


  • Strong fingerprint safe which makes it easy to store your guns in plain sight
  • Flexible access through your fingerprint, RFID card, Smartphone app, etc.
  • 2 USB ports for charging your Smartphone and other gadgets.
  • True beauty security safe with 6 different color options to choose from.


  • Its cable locking system is not the best out there.
  • You may need to be tech savvy to make use of all its features

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Factors To Consider When Looking for The Best Fingerprint Gun Safe

Congratulations on your decision to go ahead and snap a biometric gun safe. You are on your way to securing your gun from not just your kids and their inquisitive pals but from intruders as well.

To get a biometric firearm safe which gives you the best value for money, it’s imperative that you consider the following factors. This will give you smart insights into your specific needs so you can be decisive in your purchase.

#1. How Many Guns Do You Need Storage For?

The storage needs of one gun owner who owns multiple firearms will definitely vary from another who owns just a single pistol and has no intention of investing in additional ones anytime soon.

The best fingerprint gun safe for you is one that meets your space needs. That is why you have to determine the size of your dream security safe at the very beginning of your search.

Majority of the firearm safes which open with your biometrics are made for handguns so if you are looking for a rifle fingerprint gun safe, you may have to settle for one that comes with a manual or electronic lock.

The size of biometric safes ranges from models with just enough space to carry a single pistol with maybe an extra magazine to larger options which are built with enough space to enable you to store multiple pistols, additional ammo and other valuables.

#2. Foam Padding

How important is keeping your pistols and jewelry in perfect condition to you?

If you are looking for a safe that just keeps your weapons out of the reach of burglars and don’t really care about the physical condition of your pistols or personal items, then no need to worry about padding.

However, gun owners who intend to store their guns in mint condition and plan to throw in some valuables such as family heirlooms should definitely opt for fingerprint gun safes that are well padded with foam.

The best fingerprint gun safe should be padded with quality foam that can last for a considerable amount of time.

#3. Quality of the Biometric Scanner

All biometric gun safe locks are not the same because each model is manufactured with a different scanner. The quality of your fingerprint gun safe really depends on the quality of the scanner integrated into it.

While some scanners can be frustrating and unreliable at times, others are designed with high-end sensors to give you quick access to your safe within a split-second every single time.

If you are looking for the best fingerprint gun safe, you can't afford not to pay attention to this factor.

#4. How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Your budget is extremely important when looking for the best fingerprint gun safe for your home or office.

You can find decent safes with biometric access from as low us under $100 to the $500 mark.

Typically, the higher the price, the quality of the safe and its biometric sensor but this is not always the case.

You can find some pretty good safes within the $150-200 range while some really expensive models are just nothing more than pure junk.

The Bottom Line

The GunVault SpeedVault SVB500 just edges the Verifi Smart Safe in our top pick for the best fingerprint gun safe because it is around $100 cheaper.

But in terms of the quality of the biometrics, the Verifi Smart Safe is ahead..

The other options are also quite exceptional so you can confidently set your sights on any of them and you won’t regret your choice.



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