7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Gun Safe Online

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There are tons of benefits available to everyone exclusively when buying gun safes online. From compact sized handgun models to large ones that can hold lots of rifles and shotguns, you can find virtually any type of safe on the web these days.

This is why gun owners from all over the country are logging onto retailers on the web for their next purchase.

If you are thinking about shopping online for a gun safe, congratulations! You could be in for a truly convenient experience.

However, there are a couple of mistakes you could make during your shopping spree that could come back to bite you.

Knowing these mistakes will give you insights into how to find the best value firearm safe for your money without sweating.

Buying Gun Safe Online : Common Mistakes to Avoid

Buying a gun safe online comes with its own traps that anyone can easily fall into. If you are a new gun owner or never bought a safe then it’s even more imperative that you are extremely alert.

#1. Buying Small

image showing a gun safe that is overloaded with guns

One of the biggest mistakes made during the online gun safe shopping process is the size of safe purchased.

Majority of gun owners only consider the current number of pistols and long guns they own. They then purchase a model with just about enough capacity to hold their current stash.

People buying in stores typically do not face this problem because salespeople typically ask about the number of guns owned and advice accordingly.

Gun safe manufacturers are known for overestimating the storage capacity of their safes. It is common to come across a model labeled as “24-gun capacity” when it can only hold 18 rifles in reality.

There have been instances when consumers actually end up purchasing something smaller than they need. They are then forced to cough hundreds of dollars to return it for a refund or something bigger.

It is always smart to purchase a safe that is huge enough to store your current number of guns with ample space for you to add to your collection.

We recommend that you always order a model with storage capacity twice as much as what you think you need whenever you are shopping.

If you have 20 guns then you should target a 40-gun capacity safe at least. This will allow you to add more guns to your collection as well take advantage of the extra space for jewelry, passports, ammo, and other valuables.

#2. Not Buying All Accessories at Once

A standalone gun safe doesn’t give complete protection for your guns. Sure, it may be a giant unit that looks and feels unbreakable from the outside. However, there are lots of accessories that are required in order to keep your guns in tip top condition.

Online retailers typically charge additional fees in order to ship any items you purchase. While these fees may not be much at a first glance, know that they quickly add up. Before pressing the “Buy” button on any online retailer’s site, make sure all the required accessories have been added to your cart.

From quality lighting kits to dehumidifiers, as well as carpets, magnetic pistol holders and hygrometers, it is important to research every accessory you need. Then purchase all of these items at once to save money on shipping.

#3. Failure to Read the Warranty

Found a great deal on a particular model online? Well that sounds like good news. However, have you read and understood the terms stated in the warranty?

Failure to read the warranty covering a particular model is one of the most popular mistakes you could make when buying gun safes online.

In a bid to snap a particular deal before a set deadline, most consumers end up purchasing models with unsatisfactory warranties.

Some of them may not even be covered by any form of buyer protection at all meaning you are on your own after purchase.

No matter how attractive a deal looks to you, make sure you read the warranty coverage carefully and thoroughly. Don’t make the purchase unless you are completely satisfied with all the terms and conditions.

#4. Failure To Read The Returns Policy

What is the returns policy for that gun safe that has caught your attention? Believe it or not, some online retailers have absolutely no form of returns policy.

This means you could be left in limbo in the event that you receive a defective product.

#5. Not Being on the Lookout For Scams

picture warning you to be on the lookout for scams during online shopping

Always be on the lookout for scams when buying gun safes online. From eBay to classifieds sites such as Craigslist, Backpage, and Kijiji, many unscrupulous persons are on the hunt for victims.

If you are shopping from these sites then be extra vigilant for deals which look too good to be true. If a seller makes any demands outside the normal sales process on that site you should take that as a scam warning signal.

Avoid sending money to anyone via Western Union, Moneygram, or another money transfer service. If you find a seller on a classifieds site, make sure he or she is local and try to meet in a neutral place to get a feel of him or her.

Never drive to suspect neighborhoods just because you think you are getting a great deal on a safe. You could end up getting robbed, kidnapped, or even worse.

#6. Failure to Read Shipping Terms

Reading your retailer’s shipping terms before purchase is highly recommended. Failure to do this can cause you lots of frustrations down the line.

How much does shipping cost? How long before the shipment arrives in your home? What time of day will it arrive? Will the delivery company bring it indoors or leave it on the curbside?

All of these are important questions you need to seek answers for. There are so many instances of retailers slashing the prices of their safes but charging twice or three times more than the standard shipping rate.

If you are purchasing a huge safe weighing hundreds of pounds, you should make sure it will be brought inside your home.

Also, try to make the necessary arrangements for it be delivered under the cover of darkness. This will ensure that any unscrupulous neighbors are not alerted to the fact that you own a huge stash of guns.

#7. Failure to Read Customer Reviews

sample online customer reviews for gun safes

Reading reviews on a particular model you intend to purchase can be a smart way to get a first-hand idea of it without actually buying. As impressive as a particular model may see, heading onto Amazon.com or another online retailer to see what current owners are saying about it can be brilliant.

Failure to do this could result in a dud model with shiny features on the outside but little to offer in terms of security and space.

The Bottom Line

These are the most common mistakes to avoid when buying gun safe online. Being on the lookout for them will ensure that you end up with the right model while getting all the convenience that comes with shopping on the internet.

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