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5 Best Compact Gun Safe Models Worth Your Money

A compact gun safe may be just what you need if you need serious protection for your handgun and a few extra magazines.

Even if you are yet to purchase your first gun, these portable security safes can be used to store pretty much everything including passports, cash, property deeds, and other important personal items.

Just like the name suggests, these are small-sized safes of varying security properties that can give you that sense of protection you need.





Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe PB1 + Free 13.5" Dean Safe Pistol Sock
can you spot the horizontal nature of this safe pictured here

V-Line Top Draw Security Case
notice how crisp the Verifi Smart Safe looks in the picture?

BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe
picture of the BARSKA Mini Biometric . our top affordable pick for a fingerprint compact gun safe



Ivation™ Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe
Ivation™ Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe shown here is our top-end compact gun safe pick


American Security AMSEC PS1210HD Pistol Safe Handgun Box
the American Security AMSEC PS1210HD Pistol Safe Handgun Box is shown


Our Top 5 Recommended Models: Small Pistol Safes

It is great that you now know what to look out for in a compact firearm safe. But you may be asking yourself, which are the top models available for sale?

Well, we have taken the liberty of testing and coming up with the best models on the market today. This will allow you to settle on the right one for your security, budget, and safety requirements with little trouble.

Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe PB1 + Free 13.5" Dean Safe Pistol Sock

 the Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe PB1 compact gun safe pictured here in awesome glory
The Fort Knox Original PB1 is without a doubt the number one small gun safe for sale in the world today.

We are proud to recommend this safe to you because it will probably be the best money you will ever spend on your security apart from your gun itself.

Built from a superior 10-gauge steel body and 3/16-inch wrap-around door, any burglar will struggle to break into this safe.

In fact, making a dent on this beast is the closest anyone can come to breaching it. Even that can be only achieved after an insane amount of effort with sophisticated tools.

The steel door is further backed with a tamper-resistant hinge for greater protection for your valuables.

The safe also features a tried and tested Simplex mechanical lock system with over 1,000 unique combinations. Within a limited time-frame, this lock is almost impossible for anyone to pick.


  • Unbreakable 10-gauge steel construction with strong steel doors backed by a tamper-resistant hinge to keep your guns secured
  • Old-school silver powder finish which keeps your safe looking mint year after year
  • Foolproof Simplex mechanical lock with over 1,000 different combinations
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty with standards that exceed California Department of Justice requirements
  • Strong enough for you to park your vehicle on top without so much as a scratch


  • Space may not be enough to carry more than one large-sized handgun with extra ammo
  • Not the cheapest model on the market

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V-Line Top Draw Security Case

picture of the V-Line Top Draw Security Case with a revolver and a pistol inside it
The V-Line Top Draw Security Case is a portable gun safe for cars aptly designed to protect your pistol and ammo during storage.

Have some legal documents or traveling passport you need to keep securely under lock and key? Just throw them into it and go to bed with your peace of mind.

This handgun safe features durable steel construction with a keyless high grade lock. Ultimate security for your important items is virtually guaranteed thanks to those features.

The built-in combination lock is easy to program and resistant against unauthorized access with its 1081 unique combinations.

In addition, the case’s clam-shell design gives the safe unrivaled resistance against prying attacks and other popular break-in methods.

The Top Draw ships with pre-drilled holes and optional mounting plate so you can easily mount it in any secured location of your choice. This plate also makes it easy to remove your safe and take it with you on the go.

If rock solid security and peace of mind is what you are looking for, you won’t get better value than this small combination lock model.


  • Top-level steel construction with innovative clam-shell design which makes your safe secured against any break-in method a burglar may think of
  • Powerful Simplex style combination lock with over 1080 different combinations to keep your firearms safe
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting and an optional mounting plate so you can carry the safe on the road


  • There’s no shock to lift the lid so you have to be prepared to do it yourself
  • Price tag may be too high if you are on a small budget

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Ivation™ Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe

Ivation™ Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe shown here is our top-end compact gun safe pick
The Ivation Biometric Firearm Safe is a top-of-the-range compact biometric gun safe. Unlike the others reviewed earlier, it comes with the distinction of being accessible with your fingerprints.

It is a great option for not just your beloved handguns but jewelry, documents, and other collectibles too.

The safe comes in a heavy-duty steel construction with strong 5mm doors which also made from steel. This model incorporates a motorized dead bolt locking system which offers superior security for your stored personal items.

You can also access your valuables via the numeric keypad which allows you to easily program your preferred pass codes and change them whenever you feel like.

Most thieves with hand and mechanical tools will find this small firearm safe impenetrable.

Your gun gets 5-star security thanks to the laser cut design which provides unlimited resistance against break-in attacks.

If left unlocked, the powerful Alert System starts automatically beeping so you can come back and shut the door. You will never leave your safe accidentally opened on your way out.


  • Superior steel construction in a laser-cut design most thieves are unable to penetrate successfully
  • Awesome design with seamless welding, scratch-proof coated finish, and fully carpeted interior
  • Powerful biometric sensor which is easy to program, reads your fingerprints quickly, and opens in real-time
  • Additional access via numeric key pad


  • Not waterproof or fire resistant
  • Not the right model for you if you want a mechanical lock safe

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BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe

picture of the BARSKA Mini Biometric . our top affordable pick for a fingerprint compact gun safe
The BARSKA Mini Biometric is an affordable option for gun owners looking for quality storage for their handguns with biometric access.

The impressive level of protection delivered by this small gun safe with fingerprint lock makes it a real bargain at its current price. You won't have to break the bank to get this model shipped to your preferred address.

The best small gun safe should give you lots of flexibility in terms of placement. Thankfully, this model gives you that and more.

It comes with pre-drilled holes for easy anchor on your counter-top, nightstand, closet, or even under your bed. You can be confident that it won’t be going anywhere once mounted due to the quality of its overall build.

Need a safe that can be easily accessed by multiple people? The BARSKA Mini could be a great addition because you can store up to 30 different fingerprints in its memory.

Additionally, this small safe ships with a floor mat and 2 sets of override keys. These keys can be used to open your safe when the AA batteries die unexpectedly.


  • All-steel body with manual 2-point dead bolt locking system to keep out intruders from getting into your safe
  • Enhanced biometric technology which allows you to program fingerprints in seconds and with enough capacity to store up to 30 unique prints
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • One-year limited warranty


  • It doesn’t come with a storage shelf
  • Would be great if it was fireproof or waterproof

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American Security AMSEC PS1210HD Pistol Safe Handgun Box

image of the American Security AMSEC PS1210HD Pistol Safe Handgun Box
The American Security AMSEC PS1210HD is a truly well-constructed security safe when you lay your hands upon it. This is so obvious that it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out

Like other top level manufacturers, American Security builds this safe with impenetrable 10-gauge steel.

This is the secret of its fortress-like look and feel. No wonder many gun owners are unable to resist shelling out on this small pistol safe.

The AMSEC PS1210HD features a powerful Simplex Mechanical Lock which is almost impossible to break into. It is also integrated with a pry-resistant locking bolt to make your guns and ammunition even more secured.

Worried about your valuable items getting scratched or dented? There’s absolutely no reason to be because the safe’s interior is lined with quality pluck foam. Your contents will always stay in great condition as long as this foam stays in shape.

This portable security safe is 100 percent made in the United States!


  • High quality 10-gauge steel construction built to withstand sophisticated break-in methods
  • Foolproof Simplex mechanical lock with over a thousand unique combinations
  • Pluck foam lined interior to protect your guns and jewelry from scratches
  • Massive 3/16 dead bolts and even bigger dead bars to deter burglars from breaking into safe


  • You cannot use the same digit twice when configuring the combination lock
  • Would be great if the warranty was longer than a year

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Advantages of a Small Gun Safe

So why would anyone spend cash on one of these safes? Especially when there are larger models that will give you more capacity to store even more items?

The truth is, compact pistol safes delivers unique advantages you can’t get in other types of safes. Some of the few obvious ones include:

Protection On The Go

having a small gun safe for cars is a great option if you need to keep your guns close on the go. They are easy to carry in your vehicle and give you the right sense of security on the road and at home.

Some models come with the necessary hardware for you to mount in your vehicle. Mounting offers greater protection as it prevents someone from walking away with your safe after successfully breaking into your car.

Space Requirements

Space is one of the most important reasons why a compact sized models remain so popular. The fact that you can get almost any model you want even if you have limited space makes them attractive.

Whether you want protection in a small office, store or one-bedroom apartment, these small gun safes can offer you just about enough protection.

Mount Anywhere

Due to the relatively small dimensions of these safes, you get the flexibility to mount it anywhere you prefer. And the good news is you wouldn't have to make any modifications to your home or office in most cases.

Shopping For a Portable Gun Safe - Factors to Consider

Even with the most honest intentions, you can end up making a mistake when looking for a compact handgun safe. Knowing exactly which factors to consider before or during shopping can save you lots of money and headaches in the long run.

These are the most important factors to consider when looking for a small compact security safe.


The fact that you are in the market for a small security safe for your firearm means you care a lot about size. While you are likely to avoid most rifle safes because of their huge size, you could actually end up buying a model that is too compact to fit your all pistols and ammo.

To prevent this, take a good look at the dimensions of any model that catches your attention. Don’t forget to verify the interior capacity of that unit.

Some safes feature locks which end up taking more space than they should. This is why ignoring the interior capacity of every small sized safe on your radar could be a huge mistake.


What type of locking mechanism is integrated into the compact pistol safe that has caught your attention? Does it feature an electronic, combination , or biometric lock?

Make sure you choose a lock that is strong enough to withstand various sophisticated break-in attempts.

In our experience, the Simplex Lock and other mechanical types used by manufacturers such as Fort Knox and V-Line offer you the greatest security but that is just our opinion.

Quality of Build

Would you leave your pistol to a so-called security safe that can be easily broken into after a few attempts?

The compact nature of these safes makes it more imperative that you pay attention to their overall quality of build. Only spend your hard earned cash on models with rugged bodies and comprehensive locks.


Getting a firearm safe with a lengthy warranty is always recommended during your search. A particular model may come with a labeled warranty of X number of years.

However, that doesn’t mean it is completely covered in every scenario.

Make sure you clarify from the manufacturer or retailer whether the warranty is partial or full before pulling the trigger.

Choosing a model with a lifetime guarantee is always the best option. The truth is if you chose wisely you may never even need to use the warranty at all.

The Bottom Line

With our comprehensive compact gun safe reviews and detailed buying guide, we trust that you won’t have any problems selecting the best safe for your small firearms.

The Fort Knox PB1 is our top choice if your budget will allow it. However, the Ivation Biometric Firearm Safe is recommended if money is tight right now.

Have any questions? Feel free to hit us up anytime. We will be glad to help you make a smart choice.

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